There's Gems In Them Hills is the 59th episode of The New Adventures of He-Man.

Skeletor frees a group of mercenaries and promises them rich prey if they terrorize planet Primus. He-Man tries to infiltrate the group, but is exposed, and Ambassador Bimo, proves to be a surprising rescuer in a time of need.

Plot Summary

While conversing via viewscreen, Skeletor admits to being jealous of Crita now that she has a whole planet of her own to enslave. The Galactic Guardians are up in space facing off against a squadron of Renegade aliens that recently attacked Alpha-3. As they watch the renegades being captured, Skeletor informs Flogg that he intends to break them out of Gorn City Jail and promise them Romdiel Gems are to be gained if they attack Primus.

Mara contacts He-Man and asks if Hydron, Sagitar and Tuskador (but not Flipshot) can be spared to visit Necron for a while and teach the Mytes their ways. The Evil Mutants travel to Gorn City on Terrortreads and break out the renegades. Sheriff Meliac manages to push a secret distress button he had installed for such occasions.

The distress call is received at Master Sebrian's Home and Adam of Grayskull transforms himself into He-Man and arranges to meet Flipshot and Artilla at the Levitan Space Base. There they are surprised to find that Ambassador Bimo wants to go along and help. He-Man agrees that Bimo can ride along with Artilla. With a little help from former Major Korac, Skeletor convinces the Renegades that there are rich Romdiel mines to be found all over Primus. The Guardians spot Korac adressing a large group of renegades. He-Man and Flipshot try to infiltrate the Mutant gathering in disguise while Bimo and Artilla are sent back to their vehicles to contact Primus.

Bimo confesses to Artilla that he dreams of joining the Galactic Guardians. Artilla is shocked to run into Robot Bounty Hunters of his own kind. They want him to return home with them to meet "The Great One". Artilla tells Bimo to make a run for it. He-Man and Flipshot try to delay the Renegades from going to Primus. The android leader, Revolton has strapped Artilla to a torture table. But when Korac arrives and says Skeletor wants to meet with Revolton, Bimo grabs his chance and manages to free Artilla.

He-Man and Flipshot are exposed by Skeletor. Artilla and Bimo have comandiered a Shuttle Pod and are on their way to Primus, but Bimo has a plan. Skeletor attacks Flipshot with a Terrortread, but He-Man manages to safe him. Artilla and Bimo land their Shuttle Pod and convince the Renegades that they can find Romdiel Gems on Nordor instead of Primus. Even though he neglected He-Man's original orders, Bimo has earned a place among the Galactic Guardians.


In Gorn City, a mutant offers He-Man and Flipshot some pills. He-Man faces the camera to remind the audience once again to say no to drugs.

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