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Tytus is a giant aligned with the forces of good. He is a contemporary of King Grayskull and He-Ro from the Preternian era, when the Ancients were threatened by the Snake Men.

The character was developed for Mattel's "The Powers of Grayskull toy line, a spinoff of the declining Masters of the Universe franchise that would explore the heroes and villains of prehistoric Eternia. However, plans for the line were scrapped, and Tytus was only made available in Europe as one of the last figures under the Masters of the Universe brand. As a result, he appears in little (if any) of the 1980s fiction, and is among the most obscure characters in the franchise.


The minicomic The Powers of Grayskull: The Legend Begins! was written as the beginning of the three-part story that would have heralded the new toy line and its characters. When the Sorceress transports He-Man to Eternia's distant past, she identifies a distant realm as the "Land of Giants," much to his surprise. This is presumably meant to foreshadow the introduction of Tytus and Megator, but the three-part series was never completed.

The box art for the original Tytus action figure depicts him battling King Hiss alongside He-Ro, and describes his role in the world of Preternia.


According to Classics continuity, Tytus hailed from the mountains of Perpetua. After his dinosaur herd begins developing "strange techno parts," he and several other giants join King Grayskull's forces in the Great Wars. He assisted in the construction of Grayskull Tower as well as Castle Grayskull.

Tytus was killed in the first Ultimate Battleground, sacrificing himself to stop his enemy Megator.