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Velvet Glove

The Velvet Glove was Horde Prime's flagship and according to him, the most powerful ship in the galaxy. Originally, Prime possessed two of the same ships, but the other was damaged beyond repair in an incident blamed by Prime on Hordak.

Therefore, Prime felt he was taking a great risk when he left the Velvet Glove in Hordak's care while he himself took a two week vacation he had been looking forward to for 500 years, to the planet Tropica.

Horde Prime left instructions that Hordak would not touch the Velvet Glove during his absense and that if so much as a scratch was found on the ship by the time he returned from his holiday, Hordak would pay.

Of course Hordak planned to use the migthy power of the Glove to defeat the Great Rebellion, then warp over to Eternia and conquer that planet as well.

Both the Sorceress of Castle Grayskull and Hordark's former pupil Skeletor got wind of this plan and took immediate measures. The Sorceress sent He-Man to Etheria to help his sister She-Ra defend the Whispering Woods, while Skeletor took it upon himself to highjack the Velvet Glove from under Hordak's nose.

In the end, The Velvet Glove was destroyed, exploding in space above Etheria, while an unconcious Hordak was saved by She-Ra and savely brought back to the planet below with great risk to her own life.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • The animation model for the Velvet Glove was designed by Rick Quiroz.
  • Unlike the Horde Flyer and the Horde Crawler, two of the many vehicles that have Hordak's facial features on the front, the Velvet Glove is adorned with a different face, similar to that of Hordak but more in the style of the Horde symbol. It is possible that these features more closely resemble those of Horde Prime rather than Hordak.
  • In the episode Birds of a Feather, Horde Prime's mighty vehicle Monstron looks identical to the Velvet Glove. If this story takes places chronologically before Horde Prime Takes a Holiday, Monstron could be considered the lost sister ship to the Glove mentioned in that episode.


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