Wokrapanwooki (or Prankster) is a character from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe.


Wokrapanwooki is a Trollan from Karadania, the "land of practical jokers." Unlike other Trollans encountered on Eternia, he is not so concerned with concealing his appearance, and is fixated on tormenting others with his pranks. A powerful magician, Wokrapanwooki's is only limited by a feature of Karadanian magic that requires him to return to Trolla if he says his own name aloud. To avoid this problem, he prefers not to let anyone discover his name, allowing himself to be known by the pseudonym "Prankster."

Wokrapanwooki is indirectly responsible for destroying Negator by conjuring rainclouds that blocked out the sun while the villain was absorbing the Sunstone's energy, which caused the Sunstone to absorb Negator's energy instead.


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