You're In the Army Now is the 45th episode of The New Adventures of He-Man.

Adam is accused of cowardice and treachery when he runs off to become He-Man during a Mutant attack. He refuses to reveal his secret identity and so faces 18 Telks on the Prison Moon unless he can somehow unmask the real traitor.

Plot Summary

Spinwit recounts under oath how Mutant Troopers ambushed one of the Galactic Guardians' training marches near Titus and he and Sagitar were saved by He-Man after Adam of Grayskull seemingly disappeared. Werban, who is acting as procecutor, next calls Recruit Evan to the stand, who explains that they had discovered a hole in the planetary shield caused by a solar storm just before leaving the Titus Observatory to join the training course. Werban concludes that Adam must have relayed this information to the Evil Mutants, as a Mutant Vision Phone was found in his rucksack.

Master Sebrian, who is one of the three judges, agrees that all evidence points against Adam and says that the verdict will be anounced the following day. Speaking alone with Adam in his cell, Sebrian begs him to tell the court that Adam is secretly He-Man, but Adam refuses. Adam then proceeds to tell his version of the story: he was part of the recruits on the training mission. Without the powers of He-Man, Adam found it very difficult to keep up with the training. Escpecially compared to the athletic Recruit Evan. When the Mutants ambushed the recruits, Adam ran off to transform himself into He-Man, leaving his rucksack behind.

The Next day, Adam is sentenced by Werban to serve 18 Telks on the Prison Moon. Master Sebrian tells Sagitar to send a Patrol to protect the Titus Observatory. Back in Titus, Skeletor arrives in his Doomcopter. The other Mutants are already there and have disguised their Shuttle Pods with cloacking devices. Skeletor tells Flogg that their spy will plant a Disruptor Bomb in the observatory at dawn while they launch a diversion attack on the other side. Flogg wants to learn the identity of the spy, but Skeletor stops him for now.

Sagitar informs the rest of the Guardians that their Satelite Tracker reports the landing of several Mutant ships in the areo. Soon they are attacked by a whole army of Mutants riding Terrortreads. Gleep is guarding Adam in his cel in the underground city of Onnor when he receives a report about the Mutant attack in Titan. Adam offers to fix Gleep's memory chip, but dectivates the loyal robot instead, so he can reveal his hidden power sword and transform into He-Man unseen. He overrides the contols of the prison bars to join the battle in Titan. He-Man grabs onto Skeletor's Doomcopter, which flies out of control and crashes against a cliff. The two enemies manage to jump to safety. He-Man realizes that Skeletor's main objective must be the Observatory, and rushes towards it. There he sees Evan knocking out a guard and going in. He realizes it must have been Evan who planted the Mutant Vision Phone in Adam's rucksack. Skeletor arrives and the two battle hand to hand. During their scuffle, Skeletor admits that Evan is really a Mutant who happens to look like a Priman. As the other Mutants leave in their Shuttle Pods, Skeletor jumps onto Flogg's Pod and shouts his goodbyes to He-Man.

He-Man hurries to the observatory to stop Evan, then decides to transform himself into Adam first. He pretends to be working for Skeletor to but Evan sees through his lies. They fight, even though Adam is not as well trained as Evan. He still manages to tie Evan's legs and threatens that they will both be caught in the explosion if Evan doesn't reveal the location of his bomb. At the last moment, Evan spills the beans and Adam deactivates the bomb.

The Mutants have retreated and the planetary shield is save. But Werban demands that the escaped prisoner Adam is found. When Adam returns to Onnor with Evan as his captive, he is asked to produce proof of Evan's treachery. He does so by pulling off the fake human mask to reveal Evan's true Mutant self. All charges against Adam are dropped. Sagitar reminds him that they still have a week of training to go.


Master Sebrian lectures Spinwit about saving energy on lights and electricity before taking out a pair of new spin-wings to try.

Galactic Guardians


  • Alcon (moral only) (non speaking role)
  • Meldoc (moral only)


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